Tour a Colorado Legal Marijuana Grow Facility – See the Veg Equipment Necessary to Grow DANK TREES!!

By popular request they wanted to show you guys all the equipment in the veg room. we have 8 ceramic metal halide light fixtures, each is only burning 315 Watts!! this is all made possible due to super energy-efficient light rails. up to eight tons of cooling can be dumped into this room! we have the ability to dominate the environment creating the perfect environment necessary to unlock these medical plants!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I am known as @wizardnpk. I post amazing daily photos of the most beautiful marijuana plants found in my patient garden. I post pictures early in the morning so it’s nice to wake up to this.

Hey Guys!!! Wizard NPK here..  I’m a state registered and licensed medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who need a lot of marijuana! I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility. If there’s any topics you want to see covered leave a comment, I love suggestions.

Attention Growers: The nutrient company I’ve been working with as a tester to develop this awesome nutrient line will be giving away free product to a limited number of testers for a full year. Testers will then receive 75% off for life!!! Visit for more information.

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