Largest Outdoor Cannabis Farm in World (Canna Cribs Episode 4: Los Sueños Farms)

Episode 4 of Canna Cribs Season 1 features Los Sueños Farms in Pueblo, Colorado. Currently, the largest outdoor farm in the world, at 36 acres.

Table of Contents:
01:09 Interview with Jarrod Mason
03:43 Genetics/Propagation
06:18 Vegetation
11:28 Flowering
14:04 Trimming
17:09 Curing
18:50 Packaging
21:22 Processing
25:47 Dispensary

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Canna Cribs Crew:

Producer/Director: Jason Sikorsky

Lead Editor/Camera Operator: Bao Nguyen

Director of Photography: Nicholas Watts

B-Roll Lead/Assistant Editor: Michael Rodriguez

Camera Operator/Still Photography: Josh Wallace

Assistant Camera/DIT: Tad Sallee

Production Sound Mixing: Michael Cottrell

Graphic Designers: Andrew Lucas & Timothy Martin

Production Assistants: Robert Noriega & Jesse Jackson

Sound Mastering: Unbridled Studio

Canna Cribs was created by Nick Morin

Produced by
Powered by Twister Trimmers

Music Produced by: Sirenz

Featured track ‘Smoke and Chill’ by Moeazy

Equipment List:

– Clonex Gel:

– Agra Tech:

– Pro-Mix Mycorrhizae:

– Gavita Pro 1000 W E-Series DE complete fixture:

– Link 4 iGrow 1800 Greenhouse Controller

– Drip Irrigation Tape by Netafim:

– Dosatron 14 GPM nutrient injection system:

– Twister T2’s by Kierton:

– Twister Trim Savers by Kierton:

– Mother Bucker by Munch Machine:

– Link 4 controller for Humidity control

– Greif Fibre Drums:

– Gowers Bags by Cannabis Cargo:

– Purplebees Extraction facility:

– Apeks Supercritical Extractors:

– Ovens by Across International:

– Pope Scientific:

– Child Resistant Packaging by Crativ:

– Mesa Organics:

Please watch: “1st California Recreational Cannabis Farm (S1E5: Honeydew Farms, Humboldt)”


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