Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-20-19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-20-19

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Whats Up Growers!

So as you can see i did end up changing the name of the channel. BUT i changed it to something that i think will have a show of force saying we are together. I will have your back and you have mine. We will grow TOGETHER. So i am honestly super happy about this. I will go into details in the videos but i wanted to show my love for each and everyone of you as a grower.

We are killing it in the grow room right now the COCO run is making me super happy and i am loving how things are going thus far. I want to say thank you for you guys pushing me to do this and get out of my norm. It is bringing me back to a place where i was happy about growing again. I have pent more time in the grow room just being amazed (and honestly not working to hard either)

So i hope your not upset about the 4×4 grow ending. i know that i am happy to put that grow behind me because of SOOO many problems during that grow. I am looking forward and happy for the future.

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-20-19

Official Website & Store:
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Nothing is for sale on this channel.
Legal Grow Op for 100% education only.


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