Building a Budget Dry Room – Harvesting & Drying Marijuana

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In this episode of “From Seed to Stoned” I’ll be building a dry room tent for my plants. I’ll be building a budget friendly version for those who want to save some cash as well as build a more advanced version for those looking to get the most out of their setup. Both are great options! Lastly I will show you guys how I dry my cannabis plants perfectly. I talk about how long I dry, as well as talk about how to know when your plants are done drying. Hope you guys enjoy! Links to everything used below.

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Budget Dry Room:
Exhaust Fan:
Clip On Fan:
Temp/RH Monitor:
6″ Ducting:
Para Cord:
Budget Dehu:

Dry Room Upgrades:
Fan/Carbon Filter Kit:
Advanced Dehu:

Harvest Supplies
Clipper Cleaner:
Broveda Packs:


$300 Budget Grow Tent
Grow Tent –
LED Grow Light –
Fabric Pots –
Exhaust Kit –
PH Pen –
Temp RH Monitor –
10″ Fan –
6″ Clip On Fan –

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